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About Us

Risocks is a family Brand that has a strong groundwork and a long time tradition. We have been developing since 1991. We not only look after our brand’s look but we also take care of our products. In the first stage we concentrated on retail sail. Our customers and our experience let us to wholesale. We have our own products that are designed and made by RiSocks. What is more, we make special individual collections-if the customers want.

RiSocks products unique and original products. All products follow the newest trends in fashion. Thanks to that RiSocks has reached high and stable position in socks brand, which initiates the newest colors, styles, and introduces the most modern fabrics.

RiSocks offers wide range of assortments adapted to sex, age, and size. We have not only proposition to infants, children, but we also have extravagant fashion for teenagers- also that rebellious. We have rich offer for women, who want sophisticated styles and colors. We do not omit men, who want socks that are adapted to theirs needs.

We have an offer for each season, sporty fashion, and very warm socks for skiers. All socks are made from cotton, sheep wool, wool merino, and cashmere. We also use the bamboo’s fiber and what means that we offer ecological products.